Friday, December 31, 2010

lane's new year's resolutions....

Happy New Year Everyone,
Its that time are the Top 10 resolutions that probably won't happen, but hey, its good to dream big....

10. Lose 40 pounds - geez, if I get my left butt cheek surgically removed, this could be a possibility!
 9. Try to continue my tradition of going to the Dollar Store, grabbing about 60 items, taking them all to the cash register, and asking for individual price checks on each item - this never gets old!
 8. Form that Kenny G cover band I've always wanted to put rehearsals required, as each song sounds the same anyway.
 7. Jump on the Detroit Lions bandwagon.....nobody will accuse me of picking an easy winner, that's for sure!
 6. Get my 15 minutes of fame by mooning Sarah Palin.
 5. Wear shorts and flip-flops on a very cold winter day.....just call me "Assicle".
 4. Write a children's book.....imagine how INCREDIBLY WARPED that would be!!!
 3. Install a functioning toilet in my more missing any moments of the Super Bowl.....ever!!
 2. MORE ROAD TRIPS - I don't get out enough.....LOL

And my top New Year's Resolution.....

 1. Talk less, listen more (thanks, Debbie!), and laugh until it hurts - a very heartfelt THANK YOU to all my friends who have been tremendously supportive over the past year.....2011 is gonna be a wonderful year!!